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In spite of intense activity behind the scenes by management, unions and the Engineering Employers’ Federation, the renewed demarcation dispute at Pressed Steel Fisher, Cowley, is to continue. The 89 pipe fitters and mates decided last night to go on with the strike. They will meet again on Monday.

Nearly 6,000 car workers are now idle because of a shortage of car bodies, and double this number could be affected soon. The position last night was: P.S.F. Cowley, 2,500 laid off. Rover, Solihull, 1,500 laid off and all car production halted. Rootes, Linwood-1,000 men laid off since Wednesday because of the previous strike at Cowley. British Leyland. MG, Abingdon- 650 laid off and all sports car production stopped. Morris Motors, Cowley-250 laid off and Maxi production halted.

Keith Adams

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