News : AROnline wins Hagerty Insurance Unsung Hero Award

Hagerty award
Hagerty’s Angus Forsyth presents the Unsung Hero award to AROnline’s Keith Adams…

Keith Adams, the founder of AROnline, was presented with the first ever Hagerty Insurance ‘Unsung Hero’ Award at 2014’s Club Expo held at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon on 1 March 2014.

Presenting Keith with his trophy, the judges wanted to identify someone who has made a continuing and unique contribution to the classic car world. They were looking for an individual who has worked tirelessly to unite car lovers and contribute information about the cars they care about, and who has done if for the love of the cars.

The efforts Keith has put in to build this website have been unrewarded over the years. Yet AROnline now sits as a huge repository of knowledge about the cars of Austin Rover, BMC, Rover Group and the other iterations of the biggest car-making conglomerate Britain’s ever seen. The site is no one trick pony either: it is constantly added to and revised and publishes increasing numbers of images and articles adding to the world’s understanding of the cars of Austin Rover and the socio-economic factors behind their production. It’s not just a website about cars anymore, but about our shared history in a changing Britain.

Hagerty wanted to acknowledge that Keith’s website is a fantastic inspiration to all of us who love old cars, whether we’re individuals, car clubs or the associated businesses that do what they can to make owning and running classic and vintage cars easier.

Marcus Atkinson, Marketing Director of Hagerty Insurance, said: ‘‘Hagerty was delighted to present the inaugural Unsung Hero Award to Keith at Club Expo on Saturday. Keith was the overwhelming winner of the award for his dedicated cataloguing of the British car industry. He has a strong following within the classic car community and is a very well-respected member of the thriving car club scene.  We are grateful for all the nominations we received and thank the Heritage Centre for hosting the presentation.’

Keith Adams added: ‘The reward reflects the hard work over the years that has gone into AROnline by all of its contributors. It’s been very much a team effort, and continues to be so. It’s all about cataloguing the glorious history of our car industry, but the great news is that the future looks brighter now than it has for generations.’

Keith Adams


  1. Fantastic that you’ve finally been recognised outside of this website Keith 🙂

    This site is in my top 5 bookmarks & has been since 2003. I’ve enjoyed the history, been shocked at the MGR closure, but always come back for the historical articles & the drive reports.

    You’ve done a superb job building this amzing site. Finally, an acolade that many of us would wish we could give you. Well done!

  2. Hurrah! Spiffing news, and an award that is genuinely deserved for all your unstinting hard work for the BLARG cause. Congratulations 😀

  3. Good Job Keith! thoroughly deserved. I’ve spent 10 years wandering around this site and never cease to be entertained, enlightened and enthralled.

  4. Great news indeed. The information on here is second to none and a really valuable resource for anyone interested in British classics. Long may it reign supreme!

  5. Praise indeed Keith and to all involved in this fantastic and addictive site !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Congratulations indeed!!

    AROnline is both a huge resource of information and a community of enthusiasts. Incredible to think really that given the site’s size and readership such recognition has taken so long.

    I’ve been visiting frequently for the past decade, Keith, and don’t see an end in sight.

  7. Hagerty is a big classic/antique vehicle insurer here in the USA, I wonder if they will have a similar award in the USA or if this worldwide ?
    This is a good and proper honor for the great historical records and of not only Austin/Rover/BL and related and later brands but also of other brands sold in the US of encouraging classics.

  8. Well deserved Keith. I’ve not found any other site to match AROnline when it comes to the sheer amount of research that must go into the articles

  9. Well done that man! Such a well deserved award. This site is a daily visit for me to revel (if that’s the word) in British motoring history and as reference “book” of endless information–which is always there.
    Keep up the good work Keith, not forgetting all your contributors.

  10. Brilliant news Keith. I have been following this website for years and find it to be the best motoring website I have ever found. Whether you like cars from the BL/AR stable or not, it is informative and an excellent read – my favourite article being The Whole Story, which makes for a good read on the phone whilst support in the Thatched House pub, raising a pint to Keith and the Team!

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