Archive : Austin Rover men vote for strike

Austin Rover men vote for strike
By Barrie Clement and Clifford Webb

Austin Rovers 28000 car workers yesterday voted overwhelmingly to strike in support of their 20 per cent pay claim. Union leaders had asked for a mandate for industrial action to back their arguments in new negotiations next Monday. The company’s offer of a 4.9 per cent wage increase spread over two years has been rejected.

Shopfloor leaders will insist on a one-year deal. The company made clear last night that it was prepared to get back to serious negotiations, and implied that its offer might be increased. But a spokesman said that the vote had not changed its attitude.

“We have always said we are willing to negotiate and that is still the case.”  Mr Jack Adams union convenor at Longbridge, West Midlands, the company’s biggest car plant said.

“The offer is ridiculous and a scandal. There used to be twice as many workers in this plant producing the same number of cars.”

Keith Adams

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