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Keith Adams

Austin Ambassador: not a Y-reg...
Austin Ambassador: not a Y-reg…

During 2012, a fair number of new contributors joined the small band of bloggers on AROnline. It was nice to see some new names appear, many of whom I’m sure we’ll see all over the place for years to come. Blogs are all about opinion and feeling, and in many cases don’t reflect the editorial direction of the site as a whole – and it’s something we’ve been doing – with passion – since 2004.

May we continue to blog into the future – and hopefully more of you will come forward with some nice ones, too.

1: New openings, 30 years on

Kevin Davis, a Princess fan with a well-known ambivalence towards the Austin Ambassador, marks the 30th anniversary of the introduction of his beloved wedge’s replacement.

2: Is MG in the UK about to turn the corner?

A blog examining the possible outcomes of the launch of the MG3 and MG5 in the UK.

3: K-Series, one impressive engine

After buying a rough-running Rover 75 1.8, it’s hard not to be impressed by the fact that it’s running at all when we see the extent of the damage inside after taking the head off…

4: Clubbed to death

Kevin Davis recalls the superb Princess Club 100 Special Edition.

5: MG Motor UK – The US perspective

Car & Driver visits Longbridge, and is unconvinced by what it sees.

6: Classic Car Rescue? Perrrr-lease!

TV restoration shows can do so much better than this abysmal effort from Channel 5.

7: Joy is Metro shaped

Driving a mid-’80s Metro City X provides a truly time-recalling experience.

8: Would Roewe work in Europe?

A trip to China to visit the Beijing Motor Show offers the change to see the Roewes up-close and first-hand. It’s easy to see these succeeding in Europe – at the right price.

9: Middle Eastern MG encounter

Visiting an MG dealer in Kuwait…

10: Rover 75 – Dream or nightmare?

Kiwi Warren Loveridge goes to some lengths by pulling an all-nighter to buy a Rover 75 – but he feels he’s made the correct decision.

Warren's Rover 75 - an all-night drive across New Zealand was a great introduction
Warren’s Rover 75 – an all-night drive across New Zealand was a great introduction
Keith Adams

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