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After three days of inter-union disputes and a series of token stoppages which disrupted production at the Coventry factory of Jaguar Cars Limited. normal working was resumed at the factory.

Chairman Sir William Lyons issued this statement on this day. “The AEU is to be congratulated on the stand it is taking in disciplining its members. Unless our industry can keep its ship on an even keel , it cannot not stay up in front in the race for world trade. If the crew will keep rocking the boat we must fall behind. I do not think anyone, except those who captain the ship, realise how much our industry is put off course by the indifference of the crew to the ships position. It is not true, as is often said, that our competitors boats are rocked as much as ours.”

On attaining retirement age, Mr W. Hobbs has resigned the post of joint secretary of British Motor Corporation.

Mr E. Price has been appointed in his stead.
Mr Hobbs will continue as a director of B.M.C. and Morris Motors.
Mr E. Price will retain his position as deputy chairman of Fisher & Ludlow, a subsidiary of B.M.C.

Keith Adams

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