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Bitter Unions Hit Out

Union Reaction reaction to the Leyland cutbacks was shocked and bitter. Engineering union president Terry Duffy said:
“We don’t accept there must be compulsory redundancies. We are not prepared to let Sir Michael Edwardes walk all over us.
These are very grave proposals as far as our members are concerned.”

Derek Robinson, chairman of the Leyland shop stewards combine, said in Birmingham: “The unions should say enough is enough. And if that means workers striking to save their jobs, so be it. Thanks to the attitude of Leyland management , workers participation is as dead as a dodo.”

Brian Mathers, the Transport Union’s Midland regional secretary, said: “This is a black day for Leyland and the people who work for it. At the end of the present blood-letting nearly one in four of the old Leyland labour force will have gone.”

Dennis Adler , a Transport union official in Coventry, said the loss of jobs at Canley would worsen the city’s already grim unemployment position. Coventry’s Lord Mayor, Councillor Harry Richards, commented: “It is catastrophic.”

Keith Adams

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