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The British Motor Corporation announced yesterday that they had raised production to record levels, and their current weekly output was more than 18,000 units-equivalent to well over 900,000 vehicles a year. Exports were running at more than 325,000 units a year, or 18 per cent higher than in 1962, and there was no doubt that in 1963 they would break all previous records.

The BMC Competitions Committee hold their monthly meeting at Earls Court. Attending are:

  • George Harriman
  • Alec Issigonis
  • Brian Turner
  • John Thornley
  • Syd Enever
  • Charles Griffin
  • John Cooper

It was decided to respond to the challenge from Ford by ‘The development of single and twin overhead camshaft, 5-bearing crankshaft, engines, in the A-series, of 1000cc and 1300cc should be pursued for use in advanced versions of the Cooper S.’

‘Development should go ahead on a 7-bearing 3-litre power unit for the MGB, possibly using single OHC on an aluminium head. Modification to the MGB to accept this engine should proceed in parallel. Target date for production May 1964.’

Keith Adams

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