Archive : BMC told service IS ‘Very Poor’

B.M.C. Told Service IS “Very Poor”

There was severe criticism of the spares and service organization of the British Motor Corporation at the annual meeting of the corporation today. Mr Osborn Bartram, of Corsham, Wiltshire. told the board: “I suppose you are satisfied with progress during the past year. But many of us who are ordinary shareholders are not satisfied. For one of the primary industries in the country, the service one gets as a customer is extremely poor. I inquire about the new Morris 1100 and am given a vague delivery promise of three months. I am not interested in that. I want the car now. otherwise I go and gett a Ford. ”

“I am a traffic manager for a large group and the spares situation is so poor that I wince whenever one of my vehicles is in an accident. I am put off by the dealer, or the person dealing with the repairs or by the board of the company. It is time we had someone new on the board of this company, who has perhaps made his name selling soap or something like it. Let us please see some improvement in the company this year.”

The chairman, Mr George W. Harriman, thanked Mr Bartram for what he called his “constructive criticism”. He invited Mr Bartram to discuss his complaints with the directors in private after the meeting.

Keith Adams

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