Archive : Looking forward to 1963

Mr S. E. Aston, secretary of the Daimler Company, has been appointed secretary of the parent company, Jaguar Cars Ltd. In future he will combine the duties of secretary to both companies. B.M.C. Chairman Confident Mr G. W. Harriman, chairman and managing director of the British Motor Corporation, in a new year message today said: “We are quietly confident about our prospects for 1963.

“The reduction in purchase tax will stimulate motor car business on the home market as soon as the used car trade has had a chance to settle down. This will help us to achieve the economies of high scale production, enabling us to compete still more successfully overseas “Worldwide, we consider our prospects reasonably good. We shall do more business with the United States, and our European trade is certainly increasing-in fact, it has doubled in the last three years. Our efforts to increase exports will be intensified even further in 1963.”

Keith Adams

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