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On this day:

Sir Donald Stokes leave Sir Siegmund Warburg’s flat at 2.45am.

Later this day at the Leyland headquarters at Berkley Square, London, Stokes he reports the events of the meeting to Leyland men Dr Albert Fogg, Jack Plane, George Turnbull, John Barber and Tim Addison.

In another room in the building, Michael Verey and other Schroeder Wagg men meet the BMH board to also discuss the nights meeting.

Sir William Lyons, BMH board member and Jaguar founder decides to act as a mediator between the two sides.

At 11.15pm Sir William Lyons along with Michael Verey meets up at Sir Siegmund Warburg’s flat in Belgrave Square, London with Sir Donald Stokes and John Barber.

Stokes makes it clear that the proposal that the merger was off unless Sir George Harriman resigned came from Sir Frank Kearton of the IRC and not form him (Stokes) and that this was wrong.

However it was then made clear that the price of the merger was Sir George Harriman’s resignation!

Sir William Lyons then reluctantly agreed to explore the possibility of Sir George Harriman resigning.

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