Archive : Car plant strikers go back for talks


Production should be back to normal today at two Midlands car plants where unofficial strikes have disrupted work for the last two days. Dislocation at one of the two affected factories, the Austin-Morris plant at Longbridge, Birmingham, spread yesterday from the Mini assembly lines to work on 1100 and 1300 cars.

A strike by 600 engine assemblers over a manning dispute had, by last night made more than 3,000 other workers idle, costing the company the production of about 2,300 vehicles, but the strikers have agreed to return today to allow talks to be held on their grievances.

Seven hundred strikers at the Triumph plant at Coventry are also going back after a two day protest against new production schedules. About 100 workers who had been made idle at Longbridge blocked entrances for more than two hours, but dispersed when shop stewards reported on talks with the management.

Keith Adams

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