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Production was halted yesterday at the Alvis factory in Coventry, British Leyland’s military vehicle division, because of a strike by 82 inspectors over a pay dispute. The plant’s 1,500 production workers are laid off.

In Scotland,. the British Leyland truck and tractor plant at Bathgate, West Lothian, is still at a standstill for the third week running because of a stoppage by 450 clerical workers. Another 4,500 production workers there have been laid off.

New deal accepted: More than 8,500 shopfloor workers at British Leyland’s five bus and truck factories at Chorley and Leyland, Lancashire, yesterday voted to accept a new deal which will put them in the top flight within the British Leyland empire. At a meeting they said farewell to the traditional piece-work system of payment in favour of accepting measured day working and a restructuring of payments. In exchange for acceptance of the deal, all the workers will receive a lump sum payment of £52 in their wage packets next week, plus another £52 at Christmas on top of the 8 per cent across the board rise already negotiated.


Rover production at Solihull was normal after a stoppage of a week. The factory’s 150 inspectors ended a strike in return for a promise of talks on their claim for a £6 a week grading improvement.

Keith Adams

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