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An unofficial strike of 60 machine shop men that has cost the British Motor Corporation car production valued at about £700,000 was called off at the corporation’s tractor and transmission branch at Ward End here today.

The men, who walked out without warning last week in protest against the transfer of their shop steward to another department, agreed to return to work tomorrow to allow the normal procedure for discussion to be followed, a management official said. The dispute once again illustrates the way in which the tractor and transmission men can exert a stranglehold on all B.M.C. production by unofficial strike action.

Production of 1,300 vehicles was lost at a time when the factory is working full out to meet heavy home and oversea demands and reduce the dealers’ waiting lists for new cars.

More than 2,000 Austin workers were laid off to-day because of the dispute and there was no work tonight for another 1,500 men, about half the night shift. The factory is expected to resume normal working tomorrow.

The Rover/Standard Triumph merger talks break down.

Keith Adams

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