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The executive committee of the Transport and General Workers’ Union are expected to declare official tomorrow a strike of their members at Morris Motors Ltd., Cowley, in protest against the dismissal of a chief shop steward, Mr F. Horsman.

Shop stewards of the Amalgamated Engineering Union and the National Union of Vehicle Builders have decided to withdraw all their members- about 3,500-if the strike is declared official. Mr J. Thomas, district secretary of the T.G.W.U., claimed to-day that 2.500 of his members were out on strike and that production was virtually at a standstill. The management, however. claimed that only 1,000 employees were out on strike but that because there were small pockets of absent labour throughout the assembly lines production was dislocated.

At the Pressed Steel factory at Cowley 300 men were sent home because of the dispute and 90 men were laid off at the M.G. and Riley works, at Abingdon.

Keith Adams

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