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Shop stewards of the Transport and General Workers’ Union at Morris Motors, Ltd., Cowley, tonight planned a walk-out of all their members, about 3,000, for 10 a.m. tomorrow, after the instant dismissal of the chief shop steward, Mr Frank Horsman.

Earlier, about 350 paint-shop workers walked out, shortly after clocking in, when told of the dismissal. After luncheon the number not working increased to 454. Mr Horsman was dismissed by Mr R. E. T. Couch, branch manager, and escorted from the factory without being allowed to return to his section. A spokesman for the management said: “Mr Horsman was dismissed yesterday for a breach of discipline in that he assumed the prerogative of management and instructed employees to stop work.”

It is understood that Mr Horsman was accused of telling two men to stop work on Tuesday during an overtime dispute. A member of the Transport and General Workers’ Union, he has worked at the factory 13 years and has been a shop steward for 10 years. Shop stewards in the paint shop issued a statement saying that the 350 workers had decided to withdraw labour pending his reinstatement, “thereby giving him the human right to defend himself against the accusations made against him. This can only be done by full inquiry by the management and trade union officials with the man present. A democratic hearing is all that is asked.”

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