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The 1,150 engineering workers who are in the ninth week of their unofficial strike from the Standard Triumph International plant on Merseyside have been promised full support from the other workers in the British Leyland group. The Merseyside strikers are due to meet again today and there seems little doubt that they will vote to continue their stoppage.

Yesterday a meeting at Birmingham of the British Leyland Joint Trade Union Committee, an unofficial organization of shop stewards which claims to represent the 185000 workers in the group-decided to call a one day strike of all workers on November 10 unless there is a satisfactory settlement of the Liverpool dispute by then.

Dick Etheridge, joint chairman of the shop stewards organization, said: “We will continue to support anyone who tries to get parity of wages in this organization. The workers in Liverpool are getting about £9 a week less than men doing similar work in Coventry.”
The Merseyside men are claiming a £4 10s. a week pay rise plus guaranteed wages during periods when they are laid off.

The stoppage has led to the shutdown of much of Standard-Triumph’s car assembly operation in the Midlands and the lay-off of some 8000 workers.


Land Rover’s storemen walked out again yesterday afternoon and halted production at Rover’s main Solihull, Warwickshire, factory. The men , who work at a branch factory in Birmingham decided to meet again on Monday after more than two hours of talks with management had failed to bring any agreement over a pay claim.

Keith Adams

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