Blog : Bathgate engine information sought – can you help?

Well, as with all things in life, you end up doing a favour for a favour – at the end of the day, that’s what makes us all tick and, indeed, makes life all that little bit sweeter, isn’t it? Anyway, a contact of mine through another good automotive friend is desperately seeking information/first-hand accounts of Leyland engine products relating to activities that once took place in the Bathgate factory in Scotland. […]


Unsung Heroes : Volkswagen Phaeton

Mike Humble ponders the passing of a victim of its own pointlessness… After years of ruling the roost globally in so far as aspirational, mass-produced cars are concerned; the Germans are having a rough time of it. On one hand, we have ‘Emissiongate,’ where the quoted figures for exhaust outputs have seemingly lied like a cheap watch and, on the other, Volkswagen has finally admitted defeat and yanked the plug from the skirting board on one of the loveliest cars I’ve ever driven – and, dare I say it, the most spectacularly pointless – the Volkswagen Phaeton. […]


Blog : MINI – the more things stay the same…

It’s good to know that if you want a full-scale punch up in the comments section of AROnline, all you need to do is post a news story about MG Motor UK or MINI, or post a picture of a car wearing overseas number plates. It’s not as if I deliberately want to poke the readership with a stick, you understand, but sometimes I do struggle to grasp some of the objections that we hear. And how in the 15 years of running this website, they really don’t change very much. […]

AROnline News

News : New Triumph SD2 image emerges on Motorgraphs

We have become quite used to the rather ungainly styling of the Triumph SD2 prototype as it emerged from the catacombs of the Specialist Division between 1972 and ’75. So, this image, which has just been published on Motorgraphs has us scratching our heads a little. You can read the full story here, and learn why it was replaced by the TM1 programme briefly before being passed over by the rather more sensible Maestro and Montego brothers. […]


Blog : Happy New Year from AROnline

Better late than never, I say. But in between the business of adding stories to the The Best of AROnline section, I thought it might be a nice thing to wish all of our readers a very, happy New Year for 2016, and hope that it’s going to be a very good one for you. I’ve been a bit busy during the past 12 months, so being able to spend some quality time here over the past few days has been very nice indeed. […]

Chrysler 160/180/2-Litre (C Car)

Concepts and Prototypes : Heuliez Chrysler 180 Break

The idea of building an estate version of the Chrysler 180 was really quite obvious to take for French coachbuilder Heuliez. For those customers loyal to their local Simca dealer, and who wanted to upgrade to a larger estate than their current 1501, there was no option, other than to defect to Peugeot or Citroen. […]