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A Leyland spokesman said that Mr Robinson, a toolmaker and a member of the Engineering Union, had deliberately incited workers to revolt against the survival plans. He added: “This is undermining the company’s recovery programme, threatening both our share of the market and confidence in the future. It cannot be allowed to continue.”


Transport Union leader Eddie McGarry said: “Leyland have landed themselves in a whole lot of trouble.”

“No sane union man will stand by and do nothing over the sacking of Mr Robinson “.

Leyland convenors from all over Britain meet in Coventry today to discuss a five per cent pay offer. They are sure to put the Robinson affair at the top of the agenda. The sacking will also be thrashed out by leaders of Mr Robinson’s own union.

Although he is not liked by union moderates, including president Terry Duffy, they realise that he is the most powerful man on
the Leyland shopfloor.

Keith Adams

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