Archive : Discipline for two strike-breakers?

Strikers at the Jaguar car factory in Coventry will consider tonight the question of disciplinary action against the two men who reported for work during the one-day stoppage on Monday. The two non-strikers, Mr Leslie Lines and Mr Frank Diskin, who both live in Nuneaton , have been summoned to a meeting called by the Jaguar branch of the Transport and General Workers’ Union.

Demand for expulsion?

The strikers, if one Is to judge by the views of some of their officials, regard the conduct of Mr Lines and Mr Diskin as inexcusable, and their mood at the moment is such that they appear likely to demand their expulsion.

A total of 4,500 men at Jaguars are on strike and have brought production to a standstill. They insist that the management should dismiss the two men. The company contends that it is in no position to dismiss the non-strikers and that the matter is a domestic one for the union involved. The strikers are holding a meeting tomorrow to consider whether to stay out.

Keith Adams

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