Rover finds a new home (for the time being)

Mike Humble gives Rover a new home…

As Keith Adams packs his toothbrush for his epic journey to New Zealand, his pet Rover is now safely in its temporary new kennel in leafy West Sussex. The drive to Horsham was a fun one. You can imagine the joy and laughter I had switching on the wipers every time I went to signal on a roundabout or road junction thanks to the period wrong way round column stalks!

I have not received so much attention since I owned one of the very last Triumph Dolomite 1850s. Heading for home at a steady trundle, passing cars would slow down and look in wonder as they passed. Driving into Horsham past a busy retail park one driver even tooted his horn at me – lovely stuff!

Keith has asked me to do a little bit of fettling on the old girl while she’s in my care. One of the major jobs on the list is to fit a new radiator (courtesy of Rimmer Bros) and hopefully sort out the painful sounding viscous coupling on the cooling fan.

….More updates coming soon!

Mike Humble

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