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A prolonged stoppage could affect about 8,000 Rootes workers in the Coventry area. Rootes will also feel the effects of a strike of 130 electricians at the Pressed Steel Fisher works at Cowley, Oxford, which yesterday put 4,000 employees at the plant out of work. The PSF factory supplies BMC, Rootes, Jaguars, and Rovers. BMC does not expect the dispute to be as damaging as the April strike at the PSF Longbridge plant, which supplies BMC’s popular car production.

More than two hundred inspectors at the Leyland plant of Leyland Motors will strike on Friday and Monday, it was decided today. A meeting also decided on an immediate work to rule and a ban on overtime starting today. The inspectors also decided to withdraw their labour on alternate Fridays and Mondays until they reach agreement with the management over a pay rise.

Keith Adams

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