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Keith Adams

Roewe 750 was a hot topic in November 2006
Roewe 750 was a hot topic in November 2006

Memory lane: Blogs, November 2006

It’s been a busy time for me on AROnline the past few weeks. I’ve finally bit the bullet, and am now paying for a dedicated server to run this site on (thank you Google ads – and thank you all for clicking them) – and the services of a professional web developer, Christian Skelton, to keep it looking tip-top. You’ll no doubt see the results of that in the coming weeks – although you already are in many ways!

Although I’ve not added that much ‘new’ content to the site recently (you guys have been doing that in your blogs, essays and comments, thank you very much), I have been shovelling in rather a lot of legacy content. More regular readers will know that the current project involves me transferring all of Ian Nicholls’ hard-fought content from the forum’s In The Times section (so far, I’ve done 1968-1971, 1988-1990, 1993, and 1998-2000 – as well as a number of important interviews and obituaries), but beyond that, I’ve also made sure all of my old blogs and news pages made the transfer over.

With that in mind, I thought I’d have a look at what we were doing five years ago by way of the blogs page… and it’s interesting and gratifying to see that we’re doing pretty much the same now as we were then. And even more happily, it’s good to see that most of the names back then are still involved today – with a few new good men thrown in for good measure.

It’s funny how the content back then was dominated by China – and its rebirth of the Rover 75 – and the way in which Roewe’s marketeers were mishandling the 750’s publicity on the web. But we were also talking about Bangernomics and my decision to run a freebie Rover 620 for Car Mechnics magazine – and the pros and cons (environmental as well as in terms of cost) of doing such a thing. Well, I think it’s fair to say that this all still stands true today (except, perhaps, the free car – scrap metal is worth so much more now), apart from the fact we’re now talking of Rover 75s in such terms rather than 600s.

Then of course, there’s a selection of driving whinges, moans about CAR magazine, and my ever-changing fleet of snotty old bangers, bought for £500. Actually looking at that page, I really rather wish I’d kept the Xantia Activa. But then, what state would it be in now?

Remember, you’re always welcome to submit your own blogs – this is your site as much as it’s mine, and only by hearing your views will I know that I’m still going in the right direction for the website!

The MG ZT and Rover 75 were also topic of many a blog five years ago.
The MG ZT and Rover 75 were also topic of many a blog five years ago. I'm better at drifting a powerful RWD supercar now than I was back then!
Keith Adams


  1. I for one am glad that the site has remained intact through a troubling year for you. It has never looked better than it does now. I’m sad to see that the Rover 75 is now in Kerbcrawler territory, but it had to happen.

    We need more V8s and less hybrids and electric cars, Keith. And where the hell has the forum gone?

  2. Keep up the great work, I’ve been reading your site daily since I first discovered it – wonderful reading and a strong community sense, even if I have never met any of my fellow readers. Thanks Keith!!!

  3. Keith, I think it was early in 2006 when I discovered as it was then and that same year I bought my MG ZS too. I still visit the site almost every other day and the fact you keep it totally up to date is the attraction. There’s so much to see & read… Good luck

  4. Hey guys.. Can you tell me if there are any other engines that fit into the Rover without making too much nonsense?

    Your response will be highly appreciated!

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