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More than 1000 engine assemblers on the day and night shifts at the Austin- Morris factory of British Leyland at Longbridge, Birmingham, have accepted an interim settlement while talks go on for a new pay structure to replace piecework. The men stopped work last week demanding a pay rise equal to that given to 130 women sewing machinists who were on strike for a fortnight over a change in payments.

Triumph walk out: Production at the Leyland Triumph car plant at Speke Hall, Liverpool, was hit yes- terday when 101 men in the stores area walked out after meeting over a pay claim. About 500 assembly line workers were laid off.

Jaguar resumes: After a three-day production loss Jaguar cars, Coventry, resumed normal working yesterday when 500 clerical workers ended their strike. About 1,500 assembly workers, laid off because of the clerks’ action, were recalled.

The retirement of Sir William Lyons, founder of the SS, later the ” Jaguar ” car concern, now part of British Leyland and of Mr Lewis G. Whyte, joint deputy chairmen, is announced.

Sir William Lyons said; “A lot of people said I would never retire. But I have turned seventy and I feel it is time to hand over …….while I am still active and can still give help and advice.”

Keith Adams

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