Archive : Leyland ‘ignores factory theft racket’


British Leyland was said yesterday to be letting pilfering employees “get away with it.”. A detective claimed that the State-owned cat firm wrote off a fixed amount each year for theft. He was giving evidence at Worcester Crown Court against six warehousemen who were said to have stolen nearly ï¿¡25,000 worth of spare car parts in two years. The police stumbled across the rackets at the British Leyland depot near Evesham, Hereford-and Worcester, when they were investigating another matter.

Detective Sergeant Dennis James, who headed the inquiry, said: “If the depot superintendent had discovered this without our knowledge, I don’t think we would have been told about it.”

Five of the warehousemen admitted theft charges. A sixth was remanded on bail when he pleaded not guilty. Five other men admitted handling stolen car parts and another man was remanded, on bail when he denied a similar charge. The 10 remaining defendants were given sentences, ranging from 18 months jail to six months’ suspended imprisonment. Case continues.

Keith Adams

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