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Leyland To Slash 6000 More Jobs
By Alan Law

British Leyland bosses are planning to axe another 6000 jobs on top of the 12500 cutback already announced. This means that the workforce of 100,000 will be slashed by 20 per cent in the near future.

The shock announcement of the new jobs cut, to be made in ten days time, is bound to anger union chiefs. The plants that will suffer most will be at Speke, Liverpool, Cowley and Seneffe in Belgium. Meanwhile thousands of Leyland car workers have succeeded in their revolt against a two day strike called by union chiefs.

The rebels at the Cowley plant in Oxfordshire and the Longbridge factory in Birmingham have won the battle to stay at work.
Faced with a growing revolt at Cowley, shop stewards issued a statement yesterday releasing workers from commitment to support the strike on Monday and Tuesday.

It was signed by Bobby Prior, senior shop steward of the Transport Union, who was labeled a ‘little Hitler” earlier this week.
At Longbridge, more than 1,000 men have decided to work through the pay strike called by the engineering unions.
Representatives of the men yesterday marched on the office of Engineering Workers’ union convenor Derek Robinson to demand his resignation.

He told the men they would be disciplined, but the leader of the shopfloor revolt, Mike Savage stayed firm.

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