Archive : Strike turmoil ahead as engineers get tougher

Strike turmoil ahead as engineers get tougher
By Barry Devney

Leaders of two million engineering workers last night rejected a peace bid by employers and decided to step up their strike action. From next week the campaign of one – day stoppages, which has hit industry for the past month, is being extended to two -day strikes.

Thousands of factories, making everything from pins to planes, will stop work every Monday and Tuesday. The decision was taken by the executive committee of the Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions in Blackpool. It is certain to be endorsed by leaders of all unions affiliated to the Confederation tomorrow, despite employers warnings that two day strikes will mean massive lay -offs , closures and possible bankruptcies. Leyland Vehicles told its bus and truck workers that lay -offs were inevitable :

“The dispute is having a disastrous effect . We are making less than half our production programme – and are running out of cash”

Keith Adams

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