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Senior Leyland shop stewards yesterday described the car firm’s joint decision-making group as a “sham” and announced that they wanted to withdraw support from it. Four hundred stewards, meeting in Birmingham, voted overwhelmingly to give the company six months notice of their intention to pull out of the participation machinery introduced four years ago. The decision, which will now be reported to the Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions, could mean the end of worker-participation, but the stewards hope that instead the company will review the way it has been operating and agree to improvements.

The stewards claim that Leyland management has been making important decisions without consulting the unions and then presenting them to the cars council, the highest level of the process, for ” rubber-stamping.” Mr Eddie McGarry, chairman of the unions ad hoc committee, said: “We had no alternative but to recommend that no useful purpose was being served.”

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