Archive : Leyland’s strike problems continue

Disruption at British Leyland’s Longbridge plant continues. The company settled one strike yesterday but faced worsening problems as two other disputes added to Leyland’s strike problems, which include a stoppage that has halted production of the Austin-Morris 1800 range for a third day.

Moreover, there were warnings yesterday that another strike could cripple one of the industry’s largest components suppliers, Ferodo. The continuing strike at Long- bridge involves 270 men in the paint shop who decided to stay out yesterday because of a manning dispute. Production of about 1,000 vehicles worth about £1m. have been lost since the men went out at the beginning of the week. At Adderley, Birmingham, 300 clerks held a token stoppage at Leyland’s light commercial vehicle factory.

They allege delay in settling a pay claim, and more than 600 workers were sent home. At Bathgate, West Lothian, the 500 truck assembly men who returned to work at Leyland’s factory last Monday after a two- week holiday, are again on short time. They will not work today or on Monday.

Keith Adams

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