Archive : Lord Stokes writes to Alec Issigonis

Lord Stokes writes to Sir Alec Issigonis on this day.

“As you know I was away when the little ceremony took place to mark your retirement and I have, of course, already spoken to you and conveyed to you personally my appreciation of all the work you have done for British Leyland and prior to that BMC. I did feel, however, I would not like to let the occasion pass without putting in writing my very sincere appreciation of the tremendous contribution you have made not only to BMC and BLMC but the motor industry as a whole.

“It is rare that any industry gets a man of your intellectual ability and imagination and even rarer to get one who is such a charming colleague to work with. I am delighted that you are going to stay with us in an advisory capacity. I do hope that you will remain fit and well and that you will not hesitate at any time to get in touch with me if there is anything that I personally can do to help you in any way.”

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