Archive : Morris Workers Seek End Of Night Shift


The management at Morris Motors. Cowley, Oxford. will be asked by the men tomorrow to discontinue the night shift and transfer the 1,800 men on the Minor and Mini-Minor lines to day work so that they will become eligible for unemployment pay. Last week they had their working week cut to two and a half days or two nights.

Now they contend that under present conditions there is no need for the night shift. It is understood they will ask that there should be two day shifts a week-one of three days and one two. This would mean that men would work three days one week and two the next. If the move to get the night shift discontinued were successful the night workers moved off to days would become eligible for unemployment money which at present they are not qualified to get.

BMC Technical Director Sidney Smith suggests the ADO50 should be produced in both Austin and Morris versions.

Keith Adams

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