Archive : Motor strike losses running at £3m a day: 24,000 now idle

Midland Industrial Correspondent

Motor industry losses resulting from the deadlocked strikes at G.K.N.-Sankey and Dunlop, Coventrv, are now running at the rate of £3m. a day, it was estimated last night. The motor manufacturers have already lost £15m. worth of production in the past ten days. Widespread shutdowns and lay- offs in the motor plants are beginning to cause serious problems to component firms, who are being forced to cut back their own production schedules.

Despite the ending of internal strikes at Triumph and Rover which led to 8000 Men returning to work yesterday, there were still 24000 men idle in the industry last night. The latest to be affected was British Leyland’s Austin-Morris group. Bv midday todav all production of 1100 and 1300 models is expected to be at a standstill at Longbridge and Cowley, with 3,900 men laid off. A spokesman warned that b the end of the week 5000 men could be out of work at the two plants.

The stoppage has been caused by a shortage of suspension units normally supplied by the strike bound Dunlop plant. Attempts will be made to break the deadlock in both the G.K.N.-Sankey and Dunlop disputes. At British Leyland, Bathgate. more men were laid off yesterday bringing the total to 2740. Truck and tractor production is at a standstill. And the number of men laid off at Pressed Steel Fisher plants in the Midlands because of stoppages in car plants now totals 700.

Keith Adams

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