Archive : Nearly 7000 idle at two car factories

Nearly 7,000 idle at two car factories

A dispute between an operator and a foreman , which ended in a fight, led to nearly 7,000 workers at the Jaguar and Daimler factories in Coventry being idle yesterday. The dispute followed the redeployment of men in the body-cleaning shop because of a man’s absence. The company stated that one man refused to move to another part of the section, and became violent towards his foreman. The man was dismissed on the spot and other employees came out in sympathy because no similar action had been taken against the foreman.

An official of the Transport and General Workers’ Union said that the company had previously decided that where two employees were involved in a fight , both would be dismissed. The company, he said , had claimed that the trouble had been started by the dismissed man and that therefore the foreman would not be dismissed. In a statement , the company upheld the operator’s dismissal by a senior foreman after an investigation. A meeting of employees at the factories has been called for today.

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