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Jaguar Men Vote To Return

A mass meeting today of the 6,000 employees of Jaguar Cars, Ltd., Coventry, whose strike action yesterday brought car assembly to a standstill, voted for a return to work beginning with the night shift tonight. A company official said later: “A partial return to work will take place tomorrow, but no car production will be possible, owing to a shortage of chrome- plated parts, following the unofficial strike in the plating department on Wednesday and the employment of go-slow tactics on Thursday and Friday of last week.”

A works conference is to take place on the men’s grievances. The strike resulted from two disputes, the first involving an incident between a workman and a foreman. While the joint shop stewards’ committee was meeting to decide to call out the whole labour force because the foreman was not dismissed as well as the workman, some men were staging a sit-down strike over increased labour loading.

Today’s meeting of strikers was told by Mr H. Adey, shop stewards’ chairman, that the management had agreed to remove the foreman from his section while the works conference took place tomorrow. The foreman is said to have had his nose injured and his spectacles broken during the incident. The second dispute, on the Mark X assembly line, is to remain in abeyance until a settlement has been reached during the works conference on the foreman-workman incident.

Keith Adams

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