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AUSTIN Rover chief Graham Day could face the sack by a Labour government, if he streamlines the ailing car giant. Labour’s spokesman John Smith warned that his party was ” unhappy” with the car chief. He said yesterday he was deeply concerned at some of the recent announcements following Mr Day’s half-yearly report.

Mr Day sacked key management figures and announced that he was going to run thee whole company himself. Mr Smith told a meeting at the Labour Party’s ‘ s conference in Blackpool. “The course under Mr Day maybe a continuing reduction of vehicle production .

“He seems to be going for a much lower volume, trying to seek a niche in the markets well below the present one. This will mean loss of jobs and a further retreat and more imports. We are concerned about the future of Austin Rover .”

Asked if a labour government could work with Mr Day, he said: “That depends on what happens. I am worried about some aspects of what seems to be the strategy adopted by Mr Day.”

A Labour government would pump public money into Austin Rover to maintain current job levels,” he said.  Mr Day said at the Paris-Motor Show yesterday: “I was appointed to run the Rover group on a commercial basis , and that, is my style.”

Keith Adams

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