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Dinner at the Home Made Hostel
Dinner at the Home Made Hostel

Day 17:
House of Terror

Fin and I headed to the House of Terror, a museum about the Communist oppression, it was really quite interesting and unpleasant at the same time, and some of it was hard to understand as it was all in Hungarian, then we noticed a few people wandering around with audio guides, there were no mention of these when we bought our tickets, but they would have made an interesting museum even better, stupidity on our part I guess.
After the museum we went for a quick coffee, it seems if you order something that you would expect in the UK, you get something completely different here.

I then went to the Health centre to get my splintered finger looked at, after much confusion about what was happening, as I don’t speak Hungarian and the receptionist didn’t speak English, I was seen by a doctor who had a damn good gouge around under my nail. It didn’t hurt much before, but it really did now! I wandered round town with a throbbing finger and returned to the Hostel where a traditional dinner was cooked for us by the staff and some of the residents. What a lovely idea and I believe it happens every Tuesday, so another recommendation for the Home Made Hostel, if you visit Budapest and need a hostel, check them out.

During dinner, and whilst photographing the great party atmosphere, I managed to drop my camera and crack the screen, it still seems to work OK but is a bit difficult to compose pictures, bummer.

Ferec then took us to a club where people from other hostels around the town would be, there was a great blues band playing initially. After they left, sadly it descended into drunken Karaoke.

Fin walked Lilla, another of the staff members that came out with us, back to the bus stop, and texted me to ask if we were still in the club, we had already left. He didn’t arrive back in the hostel for over an hour and claimed he had walked around town for 45 minutes and ended back at the same bus stop. Now with some people you would just say yeah with a nodding wink, but having seen Fin’s navigation over the weekend I’m surprised he was only lost for 45 minutes!

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