Archive : ‘Return’ call to car men

By our Labour Staff

The engineering union yesterday renewed its instruction to return to work to the 600 toolmakers at British Leyland’s plant at Castle Bromwich whose two-week strike has caused lay-offs of 12,000 men. The men are not due to meet again until Thursday. But yesterday after a meeting between Mr Pat Lowry, British Leyland’ s industrial relations director , and Mr Hugh Scanlon , the president of the Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers, the unions issued a statement.

Pointing out that the car industry and British Leyland inparticular, was facing ” considerable difficulties ,” the union repeats the executive instruction made last Tuesday to return to work. The strike by the toolmakers , who work on bodies for other plants has meant that the Jaguar plant at Coventry has been halted , with the 6,000 workers laid off indefinitely, Mini production stopped and 2,000 laid off at Longbridge , and 4,100 production workers laid off at Castle Bromwich.

Keith Adams

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