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The strike of 65 inspectors at the Rover Motor Company’s works at Acocks Green, Birmingham, was officially recognized yesterday by the Amalgamated Engineering Union and the Transport and General Workers’ Union.

The 65 inspectors are members of the A.E.U. and more than half the labour force at the factory are in the T.G.W.U. Production workers had been refusing to handle work which was not inspected. These decisions mean that more than 400 workers at this factors are now on official strike. There was a private meeting yesterday between the 65 inspectors and the 202 inspectors from three other Rover factories who had come out in support.

At a mass meeting later the strikers decided that all workers except the 65 inspectors and the 350 T.G.W.U. members at the Acocks Green factory should return to work today. A Rover spokesman said there would be no immediate effect on the position at the Solihull works, where car and Land Rover production was at a standstill. The resumption of production would depend on how supplies came through from the branch factories.

Cut In Triumph Car Price

There were further signs in Coventry today of a more favourable outlook for the car industry. Jaguar Cars indicated a 100-a-week production target for their new ” E ” type sports car, and Standard Triumph International cut £15 off the price of their Triumph Herald ” S” saloon.

Future production targets for the new Jaguar car will depend on American reaction to the new styling and the firm’s chief engineer, Mr W. M. Heynes, said before be left for the Geneva motor show that the new vehicles were already coming off the line and production could be raised to 100 a week if the demand was there.

Standard Triumph, within six weeks of opening their new assembly hall, which has cost £2,500,000, were able to announce the immediate £15 cut in the price of their Herald “S “. It now costs £648.

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