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By John McCormick

British Leyland can become one of the nation’s greatest assets. That is the view of the Government’s Industrial adviser Lord Ryder – the man accused by MPs of treating taxpayers money like confetti. He was speaking for the first time about his controversial multi-million pound rescue plan for British Leyland which a Commons committee has claimed was based on “fundamental mistakes.” But the interview, in the company newspaper, was given before the Commons attack.

In a message to the 170,000 employees, he said: “Britain is backing Leyland , and you must too.”

But Lord Ryder said that success would only come if the company makes the most of its £2,800 million aid and of the support of the British people. Defending, the report, he said: “If we had come to the conclusion that Leyland was not viable, we would have said so- but we were all surprised by the extent to which we found the company could become viable.”

On the cash, he said: “This will give the company the best chance it has ever had to modernise production.”

On the bosses: “The chief executive- Alex Park and I speak the same language. I have enormous faith in his team.”

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