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News : July 2004

Sales figures continue to slide… However there could well be a silver lining. MGR put on a brave face after the SMMT published June’s UK sales figures, showing that both […]


1st (19.4%): Mini

The car that sparked a thousand imitators… …but none was as much fun, nor as cute. Simply the best SO where does one begin with the Mini? Created in response […]

Rover 75/MG ZT (R40)

3rd (12.7%): Rover 75/MG ZT

A combination of BMW’s money and British design flair came up with a thoroughly-engineered spiritual successor to the P5/P6 models… The Rover 75 was considered retro when launched in 1998, […]

BMC 1100/1300 (ADO16)

7th (5.1%): ADO16

The UK’s best selling car for almost a decade was also its most advanced family car… The widely-respected ADO16 proved once and for all that if given what they want, […]

The original Mini has a huge following and with very good reason. They're cheap to run and insure and great fun to steer. Sadly, they're also rust-prone and costly.

Blogs : July 2004

30 Jul 2004 Bye for now! There’s nothing like doing a “cut and run”. No sooner are the results in for the vote to find the greatest BMC>Rover, than I […]