Archive : Sir William Lyons On Car Makers WHO Are Not Coerced

Sir William Lyons, chairman and managing director of the Jaguar and Daimler car companies, said yesterday in London that car industry employers who did not allow themselves to be coerced into letting a situation arise that made it ” almost intolerable ” to conduct their businesses successfully were to be congratulated.

It was unfortunate that there were so many workpeople willing to follow the rebel and not comply with national agreements between trade unions and employers, said Sir William, speaking at a luncheon given by the Roadfarers’ Club. The car industry was facing a time that might have particular influence on our country’s future prosperity. Though we must raise our standard of living, he did not believe it could be done until the demand for our products in the world’s markets was equal to that of our competitors.

The prices of our products must be comparable with or better than those of our competitors. That could be achieved only it everyone in the industry recognized the mutual problem of keeping costs down. Breaches of industrial agreements by strikers could be a thorn in the side of Britain’s economy. This problem could not be overcome until something was done to get mutual understanding among the employers, the trade unions, and the work. people on the floor on the vital need to keep down costs. It was the unpleasant duty of the many companies now facing a difficult situation to “take a stand to protect their position, not only so far as their company is concerned but also the position of the company’s employees.”

BMC – Marcus Chambers leaves the BMC competition department to be replaced by Stuart Turner.

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