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The strike position in Coventry has eased but Standard-Triumph must wait until Friday to know whether the giant Canley plant will be in operation over Coventry’s first working Whitsun. The majority of local engineering firms have agreed to work over Whitsun to give a better distribution of holidays over the year. The two days’ holiday will be taken in September.

Nearly 300 maintenance and transport men at Standard who walked out on Friday over pay will meet again on Friday to review the situation; 6,000 production workers who, are out in sympathy have said that they will not return until the maintenance men do so.

Producton at Rootes in Coventry will be normal tomorrow with the ending of the Pressed Steel strike; 7,000 were laid off because of a shortage of car bodies. Work began again on today’s night-shift.

Jaguar were back to full production today with the return of 750 material handlers who struck on Monday over pay. Another 3,000 were laid off because of the strike, which was a protest at the lack of progress with an incentive bonus scheme. Discussions will continue tomorrow between company officials and senior shop stewards.

Keith Adams

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