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Vauxhall Astra GSi Mk3 is the latest addition to the Vauxhall fleet
Vauxhall Astra GSi Mk3 is the latest addition to the Vauxhall fleet

Vauxhall will again be opening its Heritage Centre to the public giving everyone the chance to see its private collection of historic cars from 1903 to the present day on 10 June. The Heritage Centre’s annual open day will coincide with the Luton Festival of Transport.  A free bus will run throughout the day between the Heritage Centre and the Luton Festival of Transport at Stockwood park.  A great opportunity for a ride in a Routemaster…

Visitors will be able to view the company’s collection over of 50 cars, ranging from pre-war, post-war, cars from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and a selection of very rare concept cars. Entry to the Heritage Centre is free, and there will be ample parking for all.

Vauxhall has a vast range of cars in its collection, from the first 1903 Vauxhall to some of the more popular classic cars, such as the Firenza HP ‘Droop Snoot’, Chevette HS, Astra Mk1 GTE and the ever-popular Lotus Carlton.  All cars in the collection kept roadworthy and in pristine condition by Vauxhall’s two full-time restorers.

Making their debut this year are two recent additions to the collection – the Royale and the Astra GSi (above). The open day will run from 10.00am to 4.00pm, has free admission, and the venue is located along Park Street in Luton, postcode for sat navs – LU1 3HG.  There will also be some family fun entertainment and activities for the children.

Keith Adams


  1. I am still keen on going down to it next month if I can get a break from work and the family.

    That standard Vauxhall Astra GSi Mk3 is a rare find for the Heritage Centre filling a gap next to mk1/2 GTE Astras and I think they also have the last 5 door mk3 Astra somewhere in there.

  2. Must see the Mk1 Cavaliers, which were only ever build in orange with a tan interior. 1.6L with the long gear knob of course. Diary is filling up but this is a must!

  3. @J Godwin… when you say “orange” MK1 Cavaliers do you mean Pastel Beige or Colorado Beige, which had fawn houndstooth or velour interiors? Although I think a more orangey colour was offered later on.

  4. Right James… I remember that caramel colour now but not its name. It was also available on Chevettes & Carltons also.

  5. @5.
    Yes they have one Victor FC101 not sure of other VX4/90’s but they have a full spec deluxe Victor FB estate with the VX4/90 Flash on its sides factory fitted in the 60’s so I was told.

    Also that caramel colour above I have seen it on a V-reg Viva HC long time ago bit like a swansong model as Vauxhall moves forward with the MK1 Astra.

  6. Thanks Will101. Yes, I seem to remember the caramel colour being available on HC Viva’s too. A “V” reg Viva would be one of the last built as you mention, because of the newer technology Astra’s launch.

    That Victor FB Estate with a VX style sideflash must have been a one off – as an experiment?

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