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Coventry dismissals

More redundancy in Coventry car factories was announced last night (writes our Coventry correspondent), bringing the number of dismissals there to more than 2,000. A three-day week is now being worked at all Coventry car factories except the Jaguar factory, which is still on full time.

About 200 staff , clerks, draughtsmen, and scientific workers are to be dismissed by Standard Motors next week, and more in the near future. At Car Bodies Ltd., 106 men are to be dismissed today. The Standard employees are to receive an extra week’s pay. In two weeks there will be dismissals in the wages department and then further redundancy among staff generally. The unions are to ask the firm for compensation at the rate of £15 for each year’s service for the 1,700 manual workers who are to be dismissed on November 22.

Keith Adams

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