Archive : Strike at BMC so 2000 men are laid off


In Birmingham yesterday 2,000 men were laid off at the British Motor Corporation car body building factory of Fisher and Ludlow, after a strike of paintshop workers. Forty men stopped work over an alleged breaking of an agreement on piecework Incentive bonus rates by the management, and they were later joined by another 150 paintshop workers.

A B.M.C. spokesman said last night that it was vital that the dispute should be settled speedily it the laying-off of men at the big Longbridge factory was to be averted. By lunch-time the management had sent home 1,100 day-shift workers and a further 900 night-shift workers were sent home last night . The men are engaged in the production of bodies for the Austin Metropolitan, the A35 van, the Wolseley 1500, and the Riley1.5. The assembly lines for all these models are at Longbridge.

Keith Adams

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