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The week old strike by 650 men at Pressed Steel Fisher, Common Lane, Birmingham, ended suddenly after a lunchtime meeting between shop stewards and officials of the Transport and General Workers’ Union. The 1700 men laid off were being recalled for work today. The strikers’ claim for a substantial pay increase will he considered by a local conference as soon as work restarts.

At British Leyland’s Adderley Park light commercial vehicle plant 250 men laid off as a result of the P.S.F. strike will also resume work today. But 500 assembly workers laid off the 1800 line at Austin-Morris’s Longbridge factory will have to wait a day longer for the pipeline to fill up again. The fortnight-old strike at Pressed Steel Fisher Coventry, ended yesterday with the return to work of internal truck drivers.

There was better news too. of the unofficial strike by 95 tool setters at British Leyland’s SU carburettor factory at Erdington. They have been called to a meeting with union officials this morning. It is due to take place at normal starting time and in the hope that this will produce a quick settlement a further 900 men and women laid off are being recalled.

Attempts to settle a strike by 1200 workers at British Leyland’s spares depot at Cowley Oxford, met with little success yesterday.

Keith Adams

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