Archive : Strikes in the Midlands

By R. W. Shakespeare

Car and engineering plants in the Midlands face another week of disruption caused by labour disputes, with increasing spin-off effects looming in other parts of the country. In Coventry, Triumph car production is halted by a strike of 110 internal truck drivers.

Two thousand assembly line workers out of the total labour force of 9,000 are laid off and more could be made idle today. The Coventry shutdown has led to 500 workers being laid off at British Leyland’s Forward Radiators subsidiary in Birmingham and 200 men at the Triumph factory on Merseyside, which produces components for the Coventry assembly plant.

The drivers, whose dispute is over pay, are not due to meet again until Thursday. The management has said that negotiations with full-time union officials, due to take place tomorrow, cannot be held unless the strike is called off.

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