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The second main area of trouble , a strike of 130 electricians at the Pressed Steel-Fisher plant at Cowley , began to have its effect on car production yesterday. Assembly of the Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget was halted by a shortage of car bodies, and 100 men had to be laid off at Abingdon. The Rover and Jaguar plants are expected to feel the effects shortly.

Four thousand hourly-paid workers at the Pressed Steel plant have already been made idle by the electricians’ strike, which is a protest at the details of a new grading scheme. The strikers are to meet today.

Daily Mirror

More than 4,000 men were without work at the Pressed Steel-Fisher plant at Cowley yesterday because of a strike by 135 electricians. The dispute is threatening production at BMC,

Rover and Jaguar.
All depend on Cowley for body supplies. First to be hit were the Austin Sprite and MG Midget assembly lines. About 100 men were sent home because of a shortage of bodies. The electricians are opposing a new grading scheme .

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