Events : A-Series event takes shape at Bicester Heritage

A-Series Scrambler event

The A-Series engine reaches something of a landmark this year with the 70th anniversary of the first car it powered – the Austin A30 – being launched. And to celebrate the fact, Bicester Heritage is hosting a free event for cars powered by this wonderfully long-lived power unit on 25 September.

The gathering is being brought to you by the Scramblers Club and should appeal to all of you who love the Sunday Scrambles currently held at the evocative Bicester Heritage site. Known as the Scramblers Assembly events, the A-Series-themed one is the latest in an exclusive list.

It’s open to Scrambler members (you can sign up above) and AROnline readers are invited to come along and enjoy their A-Series powered cars alongside like-minded enthusiasts.

Like all Bicester Heritage events, this one promises to have some fantastic cars on site – there’ll be a display of relevant cars on the central avenue at Bicester Heritage. The organisers are hoping to see everything from Minis and Minors to Austin Healeys and perhaps even early Lotus Sevens.

And there’s another moment to celebrate, too. The on-site brewery and home to previous Assemblies is launching a 1.275% beer – itself a tribute to the iconic 1275 A-Series engine.

The only way presently to register for the event is to join the club via the Scramblers website at the link above. It’s an easy registration – just sign-in, email, and make/model of car. You don’t have to bring an A-Series engined car – anyone can attend – but those who bring a relevant car will get to display it along one of the historic avenues at Bicester Heritage.

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