Archive : Toolroom hours ban halts new Triumph model

Production at a second Coventry car plant is now being interrupted by the toolt-room workers refusal to do overtime. Triumph yesterday laid off 1000 men stopping production of a new model which has yet to be announced. The Triumph stoppage is complicated by a dispute over piece-work rates for the new model.

Some of the men laid off yesterday were among those who are refusing to work on the new car at the rates offered by the company. The cause of the ban. Coventry Engineering Employers’ Association’s request for the 30 year-old Coventry tool-room agreement to be scrapped. will be considered at central conference at York today or tomorrow.

AEC plant restarts:
About 3000 British Leyland workers restarted at the AEC plant in west London yesterday after being laid off for 11 days. The complete return to work followed a settlement of a strike in Basingstoke. Hampshire, over redundancy.

Keith Adams

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