Archive : Treble pay lure for key UK car men in S Korea

By Clifford Webb

Senior motor industry engineers are being offered tax free salaries up to three times their present earnings to join Mr George Turnbull, the former managing director of British Leyland, who leaves for South Korea next month to establish that country’s first motor industry.

During the next two weeks full-page advertisements will appear in local newspapers serving motor manufacturing centres in Britain. In addition to huge salaries, chief engineers specializing in body, chassis, plant lay-out, development and tooling will be tempted by free cars, free western style housing, cheap household help, free travel back to Britain for four weeks’ annual holiday and undisclosed but ” substantial” fringe benefits.

Biggest of these is tax-free concessions on earnings for approved foreigners working in South Korea. A spokesman for Mr Turnbull said yesterday:  “This is only the first phase of the recruiting campaign. After chief engineers we shall be looking for all the other key people necessary to start a motor industry from scratch.”

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